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DSC_0062.jpgThe voice of America’s least-likely senior citizen. In her mid-70s now, Donna A. Ford doesn’t put up with being told she is old. Why should she, when a Vermont kinfolk was roofing the church’s third-story building at her current age, another was driving a bulldozer in his 90s, and the oldest lived as a testimony to immediate family about God’s love until reaching centenarian status.

POSITIVE THINKING―Ford claims she owes her mental health to rules on positive thinking that Jesus gave his disciples in his mountain-top Beatitudes and which Norman Vincent Peale promoted in the 1970s. Her Italian father was an extroverted optimist, but this was nearly balanced out by her introverted English mother. Ford personally encountered God during Gospel meetings at a Plymouth Brethren assembly during the late 1960s.

NUTRITION―Her nutritional health comes as the result of an empathetic gift and desire to heal the sickness and disease of others. She prayed and miraculously learned all about nutritional solutions in the 1970s...back before the internet, back when two people who sought after health shared knowledge and recipes person-to-person, back before few realized the danger of eating toxic foods due to poor farming practices, back when there were rumors that the government might ban vitamins. Information still relevant today, although many people prefer a miracle cure to learning to live healthy.

EXERCISE―Ford wishes she had begun to exercise earlier in life. A technical writer for twenty-plus years and the author of several books, she wasted valuable health time seated in front of a computer screen. Nowadays, she can hardly wait for summer to return to her native New England so she can venture out gold panning, treasure hunting with her metal detector, and climbing mountains.

But that’s the beauty of her philosophy on healthy aging. You only need to start by picking any two of the above healing methods, as long as your apply them diligently. No excuses – too tough; too expensive; too weird; too different – allowed...unless you want to grow old with regrets.

Pick up a copy of Adventurous Aging. Learn from an expert in applying natural methods – those that heal pain sources rather than cause addictive behaviors; those that can help extend life out another decade or more. Put your money where your health is. And enjoy an adventurous life as you age with style in slowed-down motion.

Donna A Ford is available to speak at your event, especially those located along the eastern seaboard. Anyone nearing a mid-life milestone will come away with hope and excitement at the gift of Adventurous Aging. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and author of YA biographies that deliver Goosebumps right alongside teaching religious morals: 

· Concord Sage: Ralph Waldo Emerson Life and Times 

· Miracle of the Call: Twentieth Century Heroes and Heroines

Contact information: 

· Website: https://donnaaford.com 

· Blog: adventurousaging.home.blog

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