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Miracle of the Call Interview

Video Topics:

- What is a Miracle Call?

- History through biographies 

- History with goosebumps

Emerson As Speaker

Emerson was known across America for his lecture tours. Hear what the newspapers had to say about his speaking style. 

Emersons and the Revolutionary War

Emerson's grandparents and father as a six year old boy watched as the first shots were fired at the old North Bridge in Concord, MA. Learn that a family feud likely started the conflict in April 1775. 

Emerson and Thoreau

Emerson said that he took much delight in his young friend, Henry Thoreau. 

Emerson and Friends

Meet Emerson's friends who congregated at his home, called Bush. Then learn about their final resting place at the Writer's Ridge in Concord, MA