Concord Sage Book

More About the Book

Concord Sage is a well-researched historical biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson for adults and youth. It includes quotes from his personal journals and books, yet is perfect for home schoolers. Who was Emerson? What made this average student and shy youth into one of the most famous men of the 19th Century?

Puritan and Pilgrim values made Emerson wise. Transcendentalism made him well known. Revolutionary War ties and the Civil War gave him a heart for freedom. Lecturing provided a platform for sharing his ideas and values. The assassination of his hero, President Lincoln, moved Emerson back to church. You will be surprised at all the famous people and important events that are a part of his true story!

Donna Ford thought Ralph Waldo Emerson was a relative until research for this book proved her wrong. A maternal relative of the author, born an Emerson in 1785 in Massachusetts, gave many of her children Emerson as a middle-name; another female ancestor was kidnapped and escaped from Indians in 1657. With a unique perspective on the lives of early New Englanders, Ford also has twenty-plus years experience as a technical writer. 

 Concord Sage is recommended by the US Review of Books: Professional Book Reviews for the People.