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Who Inspired YOU?

The author is preparing to write sequel to Miracle of the Call.  Was your life inspired by a celebrity, sports hero, author, church leader, speaker, singing group, actor/actress?

Let me know know whose story you would like to see included in my next book. It could be yours.  Click here to contact us.Donna A Ford Books

Buy Scanning for Kids of All Ages. Read Reviews.

Scanning for Kids of All Ages


Buy 60 page softcover print copy here with PayPal.  For volume discount, contact the author.

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Book Reviews

“Scanning for Kids of All Ages is an excellent step-by-step reference for first time scanner users. The simple directions were easy to follow to produce fantastic graphic productions.” – Dorothy S. Wright, teacher of computer basics to children and adults

“The instructions are concise and can be followed by even the least proficient of computer users. Quick quizzes…reinforce previously covered material. I had fun trying several of the projects for myself.” – Judge, 11th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards
“Yes, I thought I knew all there was to know about scanning, too. But this little book shows a step by step process to get the most out of your scanner and help students edit images to create a presentation they can be proud of…Recommended for all ages.” – Florida Media Quarterly Spring 2004
“If you’re interested in scanning some photos or documents but don’t know how or just don’t feel secure, this is the book for you…The information is often technical, but the author has presented it in a manner that is clear to the novice and not beneath the more experienced scanner. Interwoven with the explanation are numerous illustrations, some serious, some lighthearted, but all helpful in understanding the text. Even the explanation of items such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are clear and to the point.” – Connecticut Nutmegger Vol. 36#4


Buy Miracle of the Call. Read Reviews

Miracle of the Call

Miracle of the Call book cover

Buy 6×9 softcover print copy here with PayPal.  For volume discount, contact the author.

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Amazon Book Review

“In Miracle of the Call author Donna Ford has brought readers insights into the lives of key individuals from the last 100 years who have answered the call to become the religious leaders, military leaders ,innovators, inventors , politicians and statesmen that have helped shaped our modern world. From the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Chuck Colson, from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, and Madam Marie Curie to Jonas Salk and many others the author illustrates for us what the call is and what it is not.
I was most intrigued by the details concerning each person’s biography and the additional reading/ bibliography for each entry in this book. The author clearly wants us to ask more questions and gave us the tools to search out additional information.
Donna Ford is an excellent author who has published two books previously (Concord Sage and Scanning for Children of all Ages). I look forward to reading her forthcoming works.” – jagon


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Concord Sage Ralph Waldo Emerson Life and TimesConcordSage-miniseal

Buy 6×9 softcover print copy here with PayPal.  For volume discount, contact the author.

$8.99 USD

Amazon Book Reviews

“This historical biography of Ralph Waldo Emerson offers insight and interesting trivia of daily life in early New England from the beginning of the American Revolution to the Civil War. It shows the influence Emerson and the other authors of that time had on each other. It also offers an interesting spiritual heritage as it shows how churches were thinking and developing at this time. This would be a good resource for home schoolers, especially those who have shied away from studying Emerson.” – Dana Barlow

“The author does a good job of telling us about Emerson and who his contemporaries were and how he interacted with them as well as to events of his time. This book helped me better place Emerson in his place in history.” –  Jacqueline L. Budd