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Miracle of the Call – Blog

Key West Sunset
Key West Sunset

Sample blog post  Entertaining Angels

Nearing retirement age, I was considering future options, among them opening a tea room. While listening to Christian radio one day on the drive to work, I heard the following Bible verse read. “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for in so doing some have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2. This struck me as relevant to my future, tea room or otherwise.

That week the church I was attending hosted their annual strawberry festival.  Bill and I could make the second serving. We sat down at a table furthest from the kitchen and were joined by another couple. I was distracted looking around to see who I might know. Apparently most of those people had come to the first serving. The result was that I missed the names of our table mates when introductions were made.

As we passed bowls of baked beans, coleslaw, and plates of ham, I discovered that the couple had never been to this church before. They worked in Connecticut but their home was in Vermont. They were here and at our table simply because they saw the sign in front of the church.

Now I felt the responsibility to represent our church…since I seemed to be the only one around to do so. At that time, Bill did not attend church with me.

While making conversation and happily enjoying our strawberry short cakes, I realized I should take down their names to give to our pastor. I asked their names again. The woman’s first name was Angel.

After we left church, I told Bill about the Bible verse I had heard that week. He had already been considering it some kind of miracle…that we were at church and ate with an Angel. I agreed.

CT, 2007

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Mr. Emerson’s Relationships – Blog

Sample blog post 90 Mile Walking Trip – R. Waldo Emerson

Waldo Emerson planned a walking trip to North Hampton, MA, to visit several of his Ripley step-relatives along the way. He was twenty. A pocket journal dated August 1823 records this journey.

Leaving his mother’s home in Roxbury on Friday, he walked 60 miles. On Saturday he stayed at an inn in Leicester. There he met a traveler going by stage (coach) to Stafford Springs, CT, known for its healing spring waters. The two travelers briefly discussed a building across the street. Waldo discovered it was a school for girls, closed until they could hire a woman teacher. He noted in his journal that if this notion about women teachers reached the city, he and his brother, William, would be out of work.[1]

On Monday, Waldo arrived in Belchertown, MA. The landlord, Mr. Rice, also owned the hat store, blacksmith shop and two stage lines. Waldo recorded that people in this area do not walk much. Rather, they ride in conveyances. He was offered many rides. Tuesday through Thursday he spent at Amherst, 90 miles from home. He found it interesting that Amherst College, then worth $85,000 dollars, was built by donations.

On Saturday and Sunday he visited with his Ripley relations. In North Hampton he toured a lead mine. Teaching young ladies in Boston must have seemed preferable to living and working in that dark tunnel. On Sunday Waldo attended three church services with Reverend Lincoln Ripley, his step-great uncle.

Monday, Waldo crossed the Connecticut River and stayed at the New Salem Inn. Tuesday, he walked to Princeton to catch a stage back to Waltham, MA. At this last stop, he stayed at the home of Reverend Samuel Ripley. This step-uncle had always been generous to Waldo.

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