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Miracle of the Call

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“In Miracle of the Call author Donna Ford has brought readers insights into the lives of key individuals from the last 100 years who have answered the call to become the religious leaders, military leaders ,innovators, inventors , politicians and statesmen that have helped shaped our modern world. From the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Chuck Colson, from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan, and Madam Marie Curie to Jonas Salk and many others the author illustrates for us what the call is and what it is not.
I was most intrigued by the details concerning each person’s biography and the additional reading/ bibliography for each entry in this book. The author clearly wants us to ask more questions and gave us the tools to search out additional information.
Donna Ford is an excellent author who has published two books previously (Concord Sage and Scanning for Children of all Ages). I look forward to reading her forthcoming works.” – jagon


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