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Getting great results from your scanner is tricky. This is because scanning falls somewhere between an art form and technology. And what if you’re not quite an artist, or a computer wizard? This book removes the mystery, so that you can concentrate on the design skills that prompted you to buy the scanner in the first place. Recommended for teachers, librarians, grandparents, those creating a genealogy, any one interested in scanning or working with digital images.

You will understand how your scanner or digital camera work using CCDs to create digital data, how the scanner and computer communicate using TWAIN, and how to edit image data. Find out what OCR is and when and how to use it. Information necessary to produce the great results you are expecting¬†–¬†and can quickly get.

Seven projects are included that help you apply what you learn about histograms, adjusting brightness and contrast, repairing old or faded photos, removing redeye, setting threshold, scanning and printing line art versus photos or slides, saving for the web, and more.

About the Author
Donna Ford is a writer and artist who knows design. Her love of communications shows in her exuberance for every project. She has created artistic graphics and award-winning documents for industry leaders in several fields…everything from paper sculpture to industrial training materials. As a teacher and instructor, her own goal is to help others achieve theirs. Donna understands the anxieties associated with technology because she has overcome them. She has worked with the design issues presented in this book…real hands-on experience; this book is partly the result of her community college workshops on scanning. With her talent for simplifying, she has rendered complex information into usable knowledge that anyone can understand.

The author has nine grandchildren, whose photos appear throughout the Scanning book. Photos in the Concord Sage book were taken by a granddaughter. Donna Ford makes her home in New England.

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